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VIDEO: Which Aspect Ratio should YOU use on a cell phone camera? (*it depends)

Video Description

Which ratio should be used to get the most data in a phone camera: 4:3, 16:9 or 1:1? Today we find out! I found that the average person doesn’t understand how aspect ratios work on a cell phone… so here’s my explanation!

Honestly, I have this long list of topics to cover and I just got a camera that would actually autofocus on me accurately and effectively and which also has a flip-out screen (a Canon 80D). Thanks, Attabiq! So basically, this was a test video of an older camera that works for my purposes!

What the video to see what’s what with the Aspect Ratios on your cell phone’s camera.

Equipment Used

  • AT2020 for condenser microphone audio
  • Rode VideoMic Pro for on-camera audio
  • Canon 80D Body
  • Canon f/2.8 24-70mm L Lens
  • OBS for screen recording
  • Premiere Pro for editing
  • Illustrator for the design stuff
  • Some 30-year-old Lowel lights. Forgot to turn on one for the second part of the video. whoops.

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