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VIDEO: Video Editing Q&A – Laptop VS Desktop VS Building, Mac VS PC, Final Cut to Premiere project tip

My friend, Alex Leonard, asked me a few questions about hardware and software yesterday in regards to Video Editing. As per usual, making a video was the best way to give a proper, detailed response. So here I am and here it is:

As long as the video is, I think it goes over some very valuable points that can help anyone who’s in the critical stage of deciding what to get for Video Editing hardware (computer, hard drives, etc.) and software (NLEs aka Non Linear Editors such as Premiere Pro, Davinci Resolve, and Final Cut Pro).

Alex’s original questions

  1. What editing software do you use?
  2. Are there any real losses of getting a laptop vs a desktop for editing content?
  3. What’s your opinion between these two Asus models? Is having a higher performing graphics card that important for editing as well as extra internal SSD space? (currently the options I’m considering, but open to whatever)

I answer all these questions, plus a bonus question about converting a Final Cut Pro working project file over to a Premiere Pro project file. It’ll save you SO much frustration!

Follow-up Q&As

Of course, while Q&A videos explain a lot, they can’t explain everything. Alex had a few more questions with the new knowledge he was endowed with. Here those are…

Follow-up Question #1

Alex: Mhmm okay very insightful! I didn’t even realize that the two Asus’ have a bad resolution, really good point.

Ben: So I wouldn’t necessarily say “bad resolution”, because the screens are only 15.6 inches in diameter. For gaming, you’d probably be fine. I know for myself, when I’m editing, I prefer having a lot more screen real estate. There is a solution for this though. If you were to get one of the Asus models, you could easily just have a home setup. This would mean plugging in an external monitor (or two) so you’d have more screen real estate immediately.

You could even have a set up like this:

[Source]. Home office setup with laptop as the main primary workhorse.

Or this…

[Source]. Another office setup, this time with a dock in the center, along with a tablet and iPad setup.

Or finally, something that looks like this. Poorly lit in my opinion, but the articles (sources) for each of these images are probably good for you to read.

[Source]. Yet another office setup, this time just on a wooden desk without any fancy docks or whatnot.

Follow-up Question #2

Alex: Additionally, you think that I need a quad… 2000 graphics card, the other ones, RTX or GTX 1070 and 1080 are much more gaming graphics, which is also good to know.

Ben: Here’s the thing, like I mentioned in the video, I actually currently have an older GTX 970 graphics card in my desktop and it’s just fine.

I was primarily trying to point out that Quadro cards are very good at what they do. But they’re typically much more expensive because they’re so much more accurate and precise. You will be fine with whichever card you get – it’s 2019!

Follow-up Question #3

Alex: What was the website you were using to build your own model in the last bit? Is that like a build your own type thing or do they send to you by mail already built with parts you asked?

Ben: Because I’m a fan of Lenovo ThinkPads and have two of my own built before, the first and only site I went to was It’s there that I when to the “P series” (Our Most Powerful Mobile Workstations) and began building from there.

When you do this, instead of going to Best Buy and buying what they have in stock, you build your own. It takes a bit longer but is worth it in my opinion. Generally, it takes a few weeks, but they build your computer for you just the way you want it. It then gets shipped out to you and you get it in the mail! BAM! Done! Just like that.

Let it be known that other manufacturers do this as well. I bet you that Asus, Dell, and maybe even Apple allow you to do this as well.

Bonus Tidbit – Refurbished Models

Another thing I didn’t mention was that you could save money by going with Refurbished models of laptops. I think Asus, Lenovo, and Dell do this but I know for a fact that Apple does this. Here’s Apple’s Refurbished MacBook Pro page.

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