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VIDEO: Travel Tips for Touring Europe in 10 Days (ft. Ben & Matt)

Matt and Ben in a hostel room in Paris being excited to present to you!

Video’s Description

Also the “What Not to Bring” video. Kind of a mixed bag of recommendations and opinions!

We travelled for 10 days. Landed in Paris, grabbed some food from a local market and a SIM card from a corner store so that we had data. Then we took a train to Liege, Belgium. Stayed at a hostel there and woke up the next day and took a train and bus to Matt’s dream racetrack: Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps. Spent the day there and then bussed back to catch an overnight train to Munich, Germany. We performed shinanigans in Munich for a day, crashed that night, and then ran to catch the train to Bolzano, Italy the next morning… on which we slept! Upon arriving in Bolzano, we dropped off our bags and explored the quaint city in the valley between many mountains. The next day we took a gondola up one of those mountains, hiked, ate awesometacular local food, and came back down in time to catch a bite of pizza and crash. In the morning, we walked 4 KM to a car rental place and pick up our reserved car… and drove through the Alps towards Milan, Italy! The Alps were really cool to see and we DEFINITELY used that rental car to bits. Got to Milan, Italy and crashed. Met more people at breakfast and played tourist for the day with them. Met even MORE hostel friends that night and got nearly plastered. Went to bed at 1 AM and got up at 4 AM. Took a SINGLE Bird scooter between us to the train station and spent the day travelling back to Paris. Played tourist in Paris for three days and then flew back to Montreal Airport!

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