VIDEO: Pregnant Woman uses Bolt Cutters to cut bike lock

Yep, you read that right. Watch this video:

But… Why?

Squeaky Wheel Bike Co-op held a 24-hour Bike Repair Marathon on February 1st and 2nd (2019). During which, we needed to remove this cable lock from a donated bicycle… so naturally, we handed the gigantic bolt cutters to the fairly pregnant Susan.

I wanted to make a point that with very little effort, even a pregnant woman could cut a like-new cable lock. Yes, these are huge, and no, you wouldn’t normally see someone walking around with these (though it does happen).


The point is: YOU SHOULD NEVER USE A CABLE LOCK. You might as well not use a lock at all if you’re going to use a cable lock. Ask anyone who’s had their bike stolen, most of who probably used a cable lock.

What should you use instead?

There are three choices:

  1. U-Lock
  2. Chain
  3. U-Lock or Chain AND Bicycle Insurance
  4. Literally anything but a cable lock.

If you’re legitimately interested in learning more, there’s a site that has everything you could possibly want to know about bike locks right here:

There’s a lot of information on the site, so if you want a pointer, I’d check out their U-Locks vs Chain Locks page. Also check out their page on Bicycle Insurance.

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