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Digital Content Creator

A Visual Storyteller

I specialize in visual storytelling and use whatever tools are necessary to get the job done. 

That means I excel in Videography, Editing, Sound Recording, Colour Grading, and 2D Motion Graphics

Check out my 2019 Demo Reel below to get started (editing a 2021 version soon, TBA)! My work samples are further down the page. 

Demo Reel

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Demo Reel Information

All clips in this reel are shot by me. The associated full-length project videos (below) occasionally have shots in them from second shooters gathering additional and/or alternate shots (i.e. seeing as I always shoot weddings with two or more shooters for the best coverage). 

I have been shooting almost exclusively on the Sony A7Sii and DJI Mavic Pro throughout the last few years. Everything in the Demo Reel was shot on one of the two. Nearly every shot was recorded in S-LOG or D-LOG and graded in post for maximum flexibility. I recently began shooting with colour profiles that have more contrast due to the lower bitrates of prosumer cameras and have also begun shooting on Canon cameras once again because of their ease of just “getting the shot”.

Adobe’s Premiere Pro and Davinci Resolve are used for both editing and colour grading, depending on projects and their workflows. For projects with quick turnaround times, I mostly work entirely inside Adobe Creative Cloud’s ecosystem because of Dynamic Link’s convenience (especially between AE and PR). 

There is no better software for colour grading than Davinci Resolve – it’s amazing! I’ve been using it over the last three years and introduced into my professional workflow in 2018. Because of its rapid development and constant improvements, I’m finding myself use it more for both Editing and Colour Grading entire projects from start to finish. The best example of a project done almost entirely within Resolve (except for some After Effects comps) is my production for Robarts Research Institute (shown below). 

My VFX and motion graphics are whipped up in After Effects, Photoshop, and Illustrator — again, depending on projects’ needs. 

My Work

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The Best Smart LED Pedals On The PLANET – Full Review (ft. Redshift Arclight PRO Pedals)

These super-safe “smart bike pedals” from Redshift Sports are amazing! In this extensive review, I go over everything that you might need to know about these lights, including an interview with the co-founder of Redshift Sports.

English radio ad (voice-over: Ben Durham) 👉 click here

French radio ad (voice-over: Amélie Desrosiers) 👉 click here

#SmallBusinessEveryDay campaign (Radio Ad)

We had way too much fun developing this radio ad. From a quick 10-minute brainstorm with a colleague to scripting, recording, and editing, this only took a few production hours to throw together… and I love the result! 

We had a director record her French audio in Montreal and I mixed that as for our bilingual promotion!

Behind-the-scenes blog post here.

Script writing, voice-over, audio editing, audio mixing: Ben Durham 

Client: CFIB

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Canada needs you to support a #SmallBusinessEveryDay. Are you ready?

This 60-second video was created as a launch video for a Canada-wide campaign to encourage people to shop locally. 

If it weren’t for COVID, I could’ve invited friends over to roast marshmallows over my melting GPU & CPU whilst rendering this project! 😅

Script, Motion Graphics, Voice-over: Ben Durham 

Client: CFIB

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Local bowling alley unchained from unfair regulation, with a little help from CFIB

In this 4-minute mini-doc, CFIB shows what it’s capable of by travelling out to a small town near Quebec City to capture one of our members’ stories. I directed, produced, shot, and edited this short film on a tight, tight deadline. 

Lesson learned: don’t trust freelancers. We got blurry footage of the minister back and weren’t able to get a re-shoot. 

Script, Cinematography, Lighting, Editing, Colour Grading, Sound Recording, Voice-over: Ben Durham 

Client: CFIB

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CFIB’s Top 5 Business Highlights for 2019

Primarily using motion graphics to convey the messages in this video, I had to create custom assets within Illustrator and Photoshop and then animate them in After Effects. This is a great example of using motion graphics to entertain an audience when there is not b-roll to speak of!

Directed, produced, shot, and edited by on a very tight, deadline close to the holidays. 

Script, Cinematography, Lighting, Editing, Colour Grading, Sound Recording, Voice-over: Ben Durham 

Client: CFIB

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Robarts Research Institute Promotional Video

This 90-second promotional video for Western University-affiliated Robarts Research Institute has audiences leaning into their screens for more. From an emotional beginning to an epic conclusion, the entirety of this video (from planning and script to shooting, editing, and delivery) was produced entirely by Ben Durham. 

Script, Cinematography, Lighting, Editing, Colour Grading, Sound Recording, Voice-over: Ben Durham 

ClientRobarts Research Institute 

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Testimonial Video from Camp Fuel

Alicia Wood talks about her experience working with Defiant Sheep (Ben Durham and Jessica Noble) during her weekend event, CAMP FUEL, at Camp Pine Crest in Muskoka, Ontario (2018).

Videography: Ben Durham, Jessica Noble, Jan Keck
Sound, Editing, Colour: Ben Durham 

Clients: Camp Fuel/Defiant Sheep Inc. 

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Katie & Brandon’s Wedding Highlight Film

One of five weddings shot across Ontario in 2018. Katie and Brandon had seen my previous work and requested that I come up to Ottawa to film their absolutely stunning wedding. They requested the music and a tear or two was shed while editing. 

Videography: Ben Durham, Keegan Boulineau 
Sound, Editing, Colour: Ben Durham 

Clients: Katie and Brandon 

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Follow Me to Lunenburg County – A Cross-Country Documentary

After 36 days, 19 media interviews, thousands of handshakes, one unsympathetic tow-truck driver later, and a massive amount of editing, a documentary was created! Jess (second shooter) and I travelled with Tina (NOW Lunenburg County’s Population Growth Coordinator) across Canada to tell anyone who would listen, that an amazing community awaits them in Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia! 

Pre/Post-Production: Ben Durham, Lawrence Durham, Jessica Noble 
: Ben Durham, Jessica Noble 
Sound: Ben Durham 

Client: NOW Lunenburg County

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Coventry Woodworks Promotional Video

Cam (client) jokes: Despite the actors being as wooden as the products, [this video] gives a good idea about what goes on at Coventry Woodworks.

Cinematography, Sound, Editing, Colour Grading: Ben Durham

Client: Cowichan Artisans

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Cowichan Artisans — Studio Tour Promotion

Peek behind the garden gate to see the Cowichan Artisans in action. This video promotes the studio tour through the Cowichan Valley. For more information visit

Cinematography, Sound, Editing, Colour Grading: Ben Durham

Client: Cowichan Artisans

A storyteller at heart

My endless curiosity of how the world works has me constantly learning, sharing, and creating. Flexing my creativity by working on impactful projects is what motivates me. 

I’ve worked in the broadcasting, hospitality, retail, banking, telecommunications, and oil & gas industries. I’ve built computers, laid fibre optic cable, driven transport trucks, and have filmed in some amazing situations (such as shooting documentaries in Africa and across Canada). But after years of exploring a huge variety of industries, I’ve always come back telling stories through videos, photos, and marketing

Nothing satisfies me as much as being part of a creative team on a mission. My eyes and ears are open looking for new opportunities to advance my career in content creation and marketing

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