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Benanda Podcast #2 – What is an OPPORTUNIVORE anyway?

In this episode…

In this second episode of the Benanda podcast, my cousin Caitlyn Jimmo and I talk about being Opportunivores and Flexitarians! My first question, as is most peoples’, is “what is an opportunivore?” After about the 11-minute mark, we go on to catching up because we haven’t chatted in a while!

Here’s the podcast…

Podcast publishing

I’ve decided to go with YouTube publishing for now. The main reason is podcast hosting costs money… and these podcasts are video-based anyway! Plus, I’m not making any amount of money off of these. Especially because I’m making these for my personal documentation purposes and for upgrading my skills. I might eventually make it a thing… but no guarantees!

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Although I’m still working on the podcast format, I hope you enjoy watching, listening, and learning random stuff with seemingly random people!

If you have any questions or just want to chit chat, hit up the comment section below or on the video. If you haven’t already, subscribe to my blog and YouTube Channel and Like the video too! See you around!

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