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BTS: Nova Era Bakery photos

Welcome to the first Behind The Scenes (BTS) post on the blog.

The Subjects

Here’s how I got the photos below. Instagram post found here.

First off, oh man are these tasty. I’m drooling while I’m typing. Second, just as the Instagram post stated: we’ve been going to bakeries on our bicycles instead of NoFrills and Loblaws. This is in our attempts to reduce our plastic consumption. I don’t think we’ll be going back to non-fresh anytime soon – the smell alone is SO amazinggggg 🍞🍞😍😍

The bread was from Nova Era Bakery

The Setup

Honestly, in my trend of finally putting stuff out consistently and not caring too much about the super technical details, I grabbed my tiny little Sony A6500 with its 16-50mm kit lens went for it.

This BTS photo was taken afterwards in different lighting and with no bread on the cutting board, but as you can see… it’s pretty simple. The suuuuuper soft lighting coming in from the window absolutely MADE THE SHOT. I saw it, ran and grabbed the camera, and BAM – the rest is history. Or is it?


Tastiness. Also learning that what makes me tick is making content quickly and getting it out the door FAST. Otherwise the content never sees the light of day!

I encourage you to go to your local bakery next time you do your shopping – reusable bag in hand!

Ben out!

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