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3 New Weird Things To Try In Your Everyday Life

Ben failing to brush his teeth with his left hand, kind of comically

1. Brush your teeth with your other (non-dominant) hand!

Some people start doing things with their non-dominant hand because of an injury and quickly discover that IT’S HARD! Honestly, watch someone else try to do it and blatantly laugh out loud at them because they’ll probably be struggling waaaaaaaaay more than you’d expect. Most of us just never switch over because why would you?

My answer? It’s good for you to stretch your brain a bit and train your brain how to do it! Is there science behind it? PROBABLY! Do I know the science? Not a chance. If you commit, you’ll find yourself staring in the mirror. Often. Switching between hands, trying to figure out how you normally use your dominant side to do the brushing and then trying to replicate that with your non-dominant side.

I did it because one day I was like “wait, what if I broke my right wrist or something?” and that led to me learning how to brush my teeth with my non-dominant side. It took a solid month until my body almost fully adjusted. Maybe because I brush my teeth the proper way… which is more complicated than just shoving the toothbrush in your mouth and brushing willy-nilly.

The coolest thing is to track how horrible you are on day one. And then – day by day thirty, you’ll be brushing around 80% of the ease of your right hand.

My sleeping patterns are horrible so you get to look at this image from

2. Use a sleep-tracking app to wake you up when you’re not in deep-sleep

You know the days of old alarm clocks? Actually, depending on your age, you might not. Either way, there used to be alarm clocks that you plugged into the wall, set an alarm for the morning, and when the time came, it would BEEEEEEEEEP really fricken loudly and obnoxiously. Many people just use their phones nowadays.

If you’re already using your phone to wake up, just go one step further and download an app! Try something like Sleep Cycle or my favourite, Sleep as Android. These apps track your sleep and have my favourite feature ever: wake you up when you’re NOT in a deep sleep. They use a combination of your phone’s various built-in sensors to track your body movements so that you can wake up on the good side of the bed… no matter which side is “your side”. If you have to, just roll over your partner and off their side of the bed!

3. Get your produce without those small disposible plastic bags

You know these bags that just fall apart as soon as they’re nicked by the stem of an apple? Yeah, it turns out you don’t actually need them. I found out by accident and stopped using them when there was one grocery store I went to in Montreal that didn’t actually have any plastic bags available. Instead, I put my fruits and veggies in my shopping cart. When I got to the checkout, I just placed them on the conveyer belt separately and the clerk wasn’t phased in the slightest.

Yes, I washed everything when I got home but if you’re really grossed out by your produce touching dirty surfaces just know that

  1. Your produce is already extremely fricken dirty and you should ALWAYS wash it regardless.
  2. You could use a cardboard box or reusable produce bag to put your produce in instead of on the bare conveyor belt surface.

Here are three simple steps in case you got mixed up and don’t think it’s possible:

  1. Pick your produce.
  2. Put it in your shopping car, box, or reusable produce bag.
  3. Finish your shopping and go to the checkout and place your stuff on the conveyer belt, either individually, in a box, or in a reusable produce bag.

That’s it, that’s all

And there you have it, 3 New Weird Things To Try In Your Everyday Life. Were they what you expected? Are they things that you already knew about or tried before reading this?

Let me know in the comments!

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