How to disable “Related Posts” on CMS

I recently started using an alternative “related posts” plugin on my site and ended up having a problem. Both WordPress’ Jetpack “related posts” and my new “related posts” plugin were enabled, looking odd at the end of my posts.

I found myself asking myself “why are the related posts that show up at the end of posts duplicating? Am I seeing double?”

As poorly as the “new” plugin shown at the bottom of the screenshot above looks, YARPP was what I was experimenting with at the time that I ran into this issue (I have to touch up settings still). The matter at hand still applies – how do you remove the “automatic “Related” section when you don’t want to use it?

Unchecking boxes in “Settings > Reading” won’t help

If you only disable the four checkboxes in Settings > Reading under “Related Posts”, this is going to happen:

Step-by-step guide – disabling Jetpack “Related”

I found the answer on the WordPress support forum but it left something to be desired, including step-by-step screenshots. It’s all down to Jetpack’s built-in functionality. Here’s my version of a help guide!

Step #1 – Plugins screen

Go to your WordPress CMS’ dashboard. On the lefthand side of your screen, click “Plugins“.

Step #2 – Jetpack settings

Scroll to find the “Jetpack by” plugin. Click “Settings“.

Step #3 – Traffic tab

You’ll see this navigation bar. Click “Traffic

Step #4 – Jetpack’s Traffic screen

Next, you’ll see this screen, with the “Show related content after posts” toggle switched “ON” (to the right and blue).

Step #5 – Turn related posts off

Turn “Show related content after posts” to “OFF” (left and greyed out).

Step #6 – Be happy (you’re finished)

That will solve your problem! You’ll be able to use your own “related posts” plugin or not use a substitute at all. Now that this technical hurdle is overcome, the rest is up to you!


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