Ben flying his DJI Mavic Pro drone in on Vancouver Island, BC.

2019 is the year of “Less Stuff”

I was a Yes Man. Not that that was bad, at first. By saying yes to so many things in my early years, a lot of good things happened. I got to try so many things and had so many opportunities and experiences. Being a Yes Man made me who I am today and I’m happy with where it got me… but now it’s time for change.

Wedding Videography Dev Log

The idea here is to make a “development” or “lessons” log of all the tips & tricks that I learn along with every milestone I hit… or just simply everything that I learn along the way, shared here so it can help you!

DIY eBike – 4500km Update (October 2018)

4552 KM (2828.48 Miles) so far.
260 days since building.
434 trips.
368 battery charges.
191 hours biking.
44 minutes per day.
17.51 KM per day.
10.84 KM per trip.
Avg 25.77 KM/h

Mini Vacay in Montreal (we found ourselves happily crying together)

I’d left my packing to the last minute so the evening was spent doing that. By 11pm we had everything packed in Natalia’s Nissan Versa. We strapped her Everyday Bike on to the bike rack as a final touch and finally at 12:39 AM on Saturday, September 15th, 2018 we started driving to Montreal.

4 lawyers posing for their team photo in front of a brick wall

Law Firm Photoshoot, BTS & Critiquing

Let’s look at how I created this photo! I don’t have all the details because I only decided after the fact that I should write something

Natalia hugging Philip at her 29th Birthday Party

Natalia’s 29th B-Day Party

Two Sundays ago (September 9, 2018), Natalia decided to host her own B-Day party (she enjoys hosting a lot)… and IT WAS FANTASTIC! I absolutely

ben in red shorts on a yellow ebike in a snow storm with a bright yellow jacket on, laughing

Ben Durham

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