photoshop composition of an ebike, bus, car traffic, and a cyclist, with a screenshot of Ben talking

The costs of commuting (a comparison)

Have YOU ever thought of it? There must’ve been a time in your life when you wanted to run the numbers as to how expensive different transportation methods are. Well, I made a few assumptions, ran some numbers, and did some math. All for you!

How to disable “Related Posts” on CMS

I recently started using an alternative “related posts” plugin on my site and ended up having a problem. Both WordPress’ Jetpack “related posts” and my new “related posts” plugin were enabled, looking odd at the end of my posts. So I made a quick help tutorial for those who might have the same issues.

Ben's jumping headphone alley shot

My top 10 “thumbs up” playlist tracks – September 2019 Edition

My song-listening habits change throughout the year and years. Since I started a “normal desk job” (Digital Content Specialist), there’s been a Google Play Music (GPM) tab open on my browser for 90% of my time sitting or standing at my desk. Sooooo here’s my top 10 list of songs for September 2019!

Despite opposition, Bike Lanes in London, Canada means PROGRESS

I’M EXCITED about where London, Canada is going! I’ve never said that in my life before because there never has been a reason to get excited. Decisions have almost always been conservative and are rarely made with the future in mind… until recently.

BTS: Taking photos of a vintage Canon FD 50mm lens

This accidental photo session started when I was trying to capture the iris blades of this old Canon FD f/1.8 50mm lens for a tutorial on shutter speed. Talk about getting distracted and focusing on photos instead of videos. Here’s the whole process of creating these images!

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